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With increasingly strict emissions restrictions across the world, and demand for affordable vehicles with low fuel consumption that do not sacrifice comfort, the automotive industry is facing enormous challenges. The hybridization of propulsion systems, along with further optimization of internal combustion engines, is an important technological step in advancing the transition to more sustainable mobility. Demonstrating compliance with the emissions limits for vehicles requires state-of-the-art test solutions, a new generation of portable measurement systems for testing in real-world driving conditions, as well as totally new methodology for developing propulsion systems and vehicles fulfilling these new conditions. AVL provides excellent solutions and support in all areas.


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Process & Environment

Our business segment Process Gas Analytics provides analyzer technologies and complete measuring systems to accurately measure gases in all kinds of industrial processes. Where applicable, these analyzers comply to worldwide environmental regulations. AVL’s technologies and innovations contribute to a cleaner and better environment as well as to better industrial processes at higher productivity.

The multiple application areas of process gas analytics, to name only a few, include emission measurements on board of ships, power generation plants including energy from biomass, waste incineration plants or gases in cement production or any kind of other chemical processes.

Gas Analyzers

Our gas emissions testing knowledge spans more than 50 years, proving our exceptional expertise in and dedication to these applications. In addition to having a comprehensive product line, AVL Analytical Technologies also strives to offer the most innovative products.

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Calibration devices

AVL Analytical Technologies GmbH is a leader in the development and production of gas analytics,
measuring and automation systems for exhaust gas emission applications as well as for evaporative gas emissions from fuel systems and vehicle interior air quality.
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